Travel Teams & Contingency Labor

We can put expert travel teams in your distribution center within 48 hours

Travel Team and Contingency Labor

The logistics industry never stops which is why it is critical for distribution centers to
operate consistently and predictably. But the truth is that even the best operations can
experience unforeseen kinks in the supply chain.

From work stoppages to staffing shortfalls to holiday inventory boosts, Merit Logistics is a
leading provider of contingency labor to retailers nationwide. We have expert travel teams
that can be put into action within 48 hours to help solve any warehouse staffing need to
keep your organization on track and on time to fulfilling your throughput responsibilities
without any drop in efficiency or productivity.

Our contingency labor associates are experts in every facet of the distribution process and
will come into your facility and get up to speed immediately on your products and
operational procedures. Our travel teams will adopt your goals as our own and work
around your KPIs to ensure we meet your production requirements.

Merit Logistics prides itself on providing the most responsive 3rd party warehouse service
in the industry and this standard applies to our travel teams as well. We are an
independently owned and operated provider with a national footprint. Therefore we will
provide you high quality and conscientious services with the customer service you deserve.
This flexibility and responsiveness is why we have become the trusted partner providing
contingency labor for many of the leading retailers in the U.S.

Whether it’s three weeks to three months or longer, we can have a proven, experienced
team of warehouse distribution experts in place immediately and when you need it most.
And as a national 3 rd -party warehouse services provider, we have associates who are
specialists in every aspect of the distribution center process.

Order Selection Services

Among our travel team expertise is vocollect order selecting. Merit associates are trained
experts in this system and will adapt immediately to your facility requirements.
Additionally, we are proficient in other selection processes including label selection, pick to light, and RFI selection.

Our Associates are specialists in distribution center processes and routinely improve
efficiency and throughput day in and day out. We bring you trained expertise that will assist
you in achieving your distribution center requirements on a reliable and consistent basis.

Warehousing & Distribution Expertise:


Material handlers

Order selectors

Forklift operators

Cherry picker operators

Reach truck operators

Pallet jack operators


Shipping receiving

Inventory/fulfillment staff

Warehouse managers/supervisors